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79 Evanescence icons

Not my best, but if you look around you'll see a few you like.


*credit in keywords if using

*don't edit icons

*no hotlinking

This time all the borders were by teh_indy. Texture for the 1st icon by filipinoz_rule PS:I made a new account on GJ(royalty_icons) that will get updates a bit sooner than this journal, and even some extra stuff. I'm still setting up, but if you're on GJ go ahead and add me!












And remember kids: crack is whack. My teachers all insist that it isn't relevant when I say that...but it is...oh, it is...

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Oh yes. Crack is very whack.
nice icons. snagging a few for later use.
I'm so glad someone agrees with me...I was beginning to think there was some sort of crack-fueled conspiracy going on... ;D
I took them all.
Will credit. :)
those are gorgeous, I love those 2 photoshoots. took a bunch, will credit.
Love the icons. I took and few and will credit.
Where on earth did you get the mood theme? It's gorgeous!!
Taking a few, great icons!
they are all awsome! Nice :)
i was wondering if you had the time if you could make me a mood theme?
Well, it sort of depends what it would contain. Like I mean do you want animated mood icons or just jpegs and what size would they be, and what of? I'd like to, but sometimes I start on things and don't end up finishing them when I realise the job isn't what I was expecting, so if you could give me the details it'll be a yes or no(probably a yes since moodthemes are usually easier than other things). Sorry...that was long...
i was thinking a lacuna coil one thats animated, but there arent too many videos of them jpegs would work. size doesnt matter as long as you can see it fairly clear. and it doesnt have to be just of cristina the whole band rocks. let me know.
holy crap, I take all of them....