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aerumnosus's Journal

Wretched Creations
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Welcome to aerumnosus, aliceunbelongng's personal graphic journal. I now take requests here. I'm the only one with posting access here, 'cause it's mine mine mine-I don't wanna share!!! Haha. If you wanna just talk to me, go to my personal journal. Most of what I post is going to be Evanescence, but I will post other stuff too. I make banners, icons, mini movies, animations, occasional wallpapers, xanga layouts, and random graphics. Aerumnosus means wretched in Latin(you know you were wondering).

Please follow the rules, if you don't I'll have to make this community friends/members only and I'll ban rule breakers.
1) When using banners, wallpapers and all that big stuff credit either aerumnosus or aliceunbelongng in your profile/userinfo.
2)When using icons credit aerumnosus or aliceunbelongng in the comments/keywords. If that just made you say "WTF"? go here.
3)Please comment on entries you take things from-or just comment-it helps me keep track of things and makes me happy ^_^
4)Don't claim any of this stuff as your own-'cause how bloody rude is that?
5)Don't take anything from the community layout. That's rude and pretty much everything ends up being given away eventually.
6)Make requests in comments here. Do not request in my personal journal. No nudity in requests. If I don't want to or can't do your request I will tell you. If I don't reply back, it probably means I'm busy or away and I'll get to you soon.
7)If I ever post a graphic or picture and ask that you don't use it-duh-don't.

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CREDIT Brushes etc. from:
teh_indy dearest vodkaandirony Pretty Brush 1greeneye

dearest vodkaandirony xdarksecretsx crazy_lena toolostobesaved crystalprincess isaymeow drummerboy37

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